Expand Your Business To The USA

Become part of a rapidly expanding US market and save up to 85% on shipping costs!



Why Choose eLogX's Incubator Solutions?

At eLogX, we understand the difficulty of entering international markets without incurring high costs and having to ship high product volumes. eLogX offers a solution which can cut your shipping costs by up to 85% and your products can reach your US customers as quick as within 6 days. Our model is called eLogX Incubator Solutions. 

We offer a simple, straightforward process using advanced Integrated Systems and logistics processes to speed up transactions as well as cut costs which provide savings of up to 50% on shipping volume. 



Efficiency in 6 Simple Steps



Our Fees

In contrast to almost all fulfilment options available, eLogX prides itself on a simple and transparent
fee structure that you can actually understand. 

Another reason to choose eLogX is our ability to respond and care for our growing customers. 


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Why Choose eLogX Over Fulfillment by Amazon or Other Fulfillment Options?

  • eLogX provides Import assistance to the US for your products with specialized knowledge on a wide variety of commodities.
  • We have flexible packaging requirements for receiving shipments in contrast to the specific and onerous labelling conditions imposed by FBA.
  • Integrated systems (API) provide you with the ability to understand exactly what is happening with your stock and your orders.