About Us

As ex-pats who were simply enthralled by the possibilities of more choice and availability in online shopping, eLogX was founded by André Fouché and Nick Kuhn. They had experienced some of the largest package forwarding solutions, but were unimpressed by the hidden costs and inflexibilities that came with them. Utilizing their deep logistics and global shipping experience, blended with an entrepreneurial personal touch, the agile and affordable solution to the next wave of parcel forwarding was born.

eLogX has been rigorously vetted by the TSA, and has secure facilities managed by a thorough quality management system regime. Our proprietary state of the art storage and shipping information systems are accessed by easy to use web interfaces that tell customers exactly what is happening with their packages. For corporate shippers or wholesale e-tailing services, detailed application interfaces are provided through API’s to integrate into their own ERP systems.

The difference is simple, and it's reliable. We cut the shipping bill, and better the service. We have large corporates and small businesses who ask us to bring their products to them; sometimes we even source products to provide that competitive edge. We can lower inventory costs, and speed up imports from the US. We can do specific things for specific consumers, or we can just receive shipments and forward them anywhere in the world through the worlds most trusted carriers.

We’re available to talk to you anytime, just try us.