USA Specials

  • Posted December 08, 2017

When is the best time to buy online from USA stores? Pretty much any time of year can be good for shopping, depending on what you are aiming to buy. Like many other destinations, end of season deals can be found in spring and autumn, or towards the end of summer and winter.

USA Specials

Over and beyond that, there are a few times of year worth noting that can offer plenty of specials and deals. Keep reading to find out more about when these times of year fall over the course of the year.

If you are planning to buy online from USA stores without leaving your home country, you can do so with the help of an international courier and shipping expert such as eLogX. We make it easier than ever to ship parcels from USA worldwide to South Africa and many other parts of the world.

Best Time to Buy Online From USA

With that in mind, when is the best time buy online from USA vendors? There are a few seasons worth noting, from New Year's Day to Labor Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other shopping days. Let's take a look at some of the biggest shopping days of the year to find out the best times to ship parcels from USA worldwide.

New Year’s Day (1 January)

New Year's Day can often be a great day to find discounts. Many retailers and eTailers try and shift left-over holiday stock, which results in plenty of savings. Winter clothing discounts are frequently enjoyed during these sales, along with things like exercise equipment, food steamers, blenders and other New Year's resolution items that may suddenly become more sought-after.

President’s Day (Third Monday in February)

Taking place on the third Monday of February, President's Day is another day that offers excellent discounts on winter clothing. This is due to the fact that many shops try and clear out stock in time for the upcoming spring. Other items that can often be affordable during this time of year include televisions and other electronics. This is the last winter sale until late spring begins over Thanksgiving.

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

Once spring gets underway, you can look out for Memorial Day sales. This holiday honors the fallen soldiers who died fighting for their country. Despite the day's somber nature, many retailers cash in on the day with a variety of sales that include spring clothing and home products that may be more in demand as spring cleaning begins around the country.

Independence Day (4 July)

The 4th of July is arguably America's favorite holiday. As the nation's birthday, this long weekend is when almost every retailer does everything in their power to encourage people to enjoy some retail therapy. This means a huge variety of deals, on everything from school and office supplies to laptops, electronics, clothing, books and other goods.

Labor Day (First Monday in September)

Labor Day takes place early into September. This day honors the achievement of American workers. What better way to celebrate the workforce than supporting the economy? A variety of goods can be found during these sales, including back to school items, summer items such as outdoor equipment, summer clothing and other goods that are starting to be cleared to make way for winter stock.

Columbus Day (First Monday in October)

As autumn progresses, Columbus Day arrives. While not as widely celebrated as other holidays, there are still a few sales to enjoy during this time. Specials often include denim jeans, camping equipment and other items that are being cleared to make way for cold weather products.

Black Friday (Day After Thanksgiving)

The biggest shopping day of them all, Black Friday takes place on the day after Thanksgiving in November. This day is the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. Some of the best deals of the year can be enjoyed at major online retailers. Discounts can be enjoyed on every imaginable product, with many stores holding sales for most of November in celebration of Black Friday.

Cyber Monday (Monday After Thanksgiving)

On the Monday following Thanksgiving, there is another major shopping day. The focus here is online shopping, with many eTailers offering one day only specials that cannot be enjoyed at any other time of year. Many shops use this day to clear out winter stock. Some retailers host Cyber Monday specials all week, giving you even more chance to score bargains online.

These are the biggest days of the year to ship parcels from USA worldwide. As we mentioned earlier, the simplest way to take advantage of these deals is to partner with a trusted international courier and shipper who is able to offer consolidated shipping and other services. This will allow you to buy online from USA stores during these major shopping days and any other time of year you choose to shop.