The ins and outs of Package Forwarding when Shopping Online in the US

  • By Nick Kuhn
  • Posted October 22, 2017,,, amongst others offer great deals for shoppers who have a US address. Buying from other countries is simplified using Package forwarding services.

Package forwarding is an international shipping service offered by logistics companies to help international online shoppers who want to shop online in the US by giving them a unique US address.

The ins and outs of Package Forwarding when Shopping Online in the US

7 Reasons why Package Forwarding is a great idea for eCommerce


So some time ago, when I still lived in South Africa, I had a penchant for good ol' American Muscle cars. I finally succumbed to my desire and bought a pretty banged up V8 1969 Ford Mustang. It took me over 2 years to have it properly restored to my satisfaction, and mostly because I couldn't get parts in easily in South Africa, and choices were limited.


I trolled sites online and salivated at the options for so many choices for the elusive part that was available on eBay, Amazon and other specialty eCommerce sites. I had no idea how to get my hands on them, as none of the stores would ship to me. That's before Parcel Forwarding became a known concept to me for Shop and Ship options for online shopping around the world for folks who wanted to buy online in the US and ship to their home country. I had no idea how easy it would become to shop online and ship to South Africa.


By definition, Package Forwarding is an international shipping service that helps shoppers around the globe buy from other countries and ship to their own unique address in the US and other online markets. Package Forwarders, or Parcel Forwarders as they are sometimes known, are service suppliers that provide a service that receives parcels for their customers from a single or many different online sites, and forwards those on their final destination using a Parcel Service provided by International Carriers like DHL, FedEx or UPS (amongst others).


Some Parcel Forwarders offer services to consolidate many items received from different stores into a single parcel that may be forwarded to the online shopper. By using smart and economical shipping modes, eLogX Solutions also offers B2B Solutions for larger consignments for online retailers that procure shipments or products in the US and wish to transport to their home markets.


So if it's the latest consumer electronics you're wanting to ship to Saudi Arabia, to looking for the latest fashions to ship to Nigeria or the perfect gift to ship to South Africa, Parcel Forwarding is a compelling solution for you. Here are a few persuasive reasons why:


1. You can shop at stores in the US, multiple stores at that, and have all your shopping sent to your own suite, and once you have consolidated all your shopping, you can have a single shipment sent to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. For instance, if one consolidates three small packages as opposed to shipping them consolidated, a shipper might save 40-50% on shipping cost!


2. There are a few Parcel Forwarders around, but not all repackage. This is pretty important because based on research done by eLogX Solutions, it has been found that there is approximately 48% wasted volumetric space (or dimensional space) that you will be charged for! There are many Parcel Forwarders that do not repackage, and despite the low cost per kilogram, a properly repackaged shipment can save a shopper much more.


3. Some of the newer Parcel Forwarders are really eager to please shoppers, and therefore Customer service is pretty outstanding in comparison to some of the older Parcel Forwarders who are less flexible to try to accommodate special requests. In most (if not all cases), systems are very good offering good tracking and detail on eagerly awaited items.


4. In general, Parcel Forwarders offer deeply discounted shipping rates in comparison to traditional carriers, and the services are pretty fast. eLogX Solutions also offers a range of shipping options for Business to Business eCommerce (B2B eCommerce) online retailers that are looking for Long Tail eCommerce solutions for their product range extensions, with shipment weights ranging from a few ounces, to many tons per airfreight shipment, to containers of Seafreight filled with products sourced in the US and dispatched around the globe.


5. Parcel Forwarders are adept at dealing with the complex nuances of International Shipping, Customs regulations and other constraints particular to eCommerce shipments. Careful attention is paid to ensuring that all regulations relating Dangerous Goods shipping, restricted items and compliance with Statutory regulations on US Exports, as well as those regulations relating to imports in a Foreign country.


6. At eLogX, we're here to help get this shipping part taken care of, while shoppers truly enjoy the joys of online Shopping. So often, shoppers are looking for specific things that aren't easy to find. Concierge and other shopping services are available to folks that aren't that savvy with online shopping. Read the Top Tips for Buying online on eLogX's website here (link) 


7. So often, things are likely to go wrong, like damaged parcels, or stolen items from shipments and the online consumer have difficulty figuring out how to handle that. Perhaps the item was the wrong size, color or style, and a return is needed. Only a few flexible Parcel Forwarders like eLogX have the capability to assist online shoppers with that.


What to look for when selecting a Package Forwarder?:

  • Be careful, some package forwarders can add lots of expensive additional hidden costs.
  • Look for transparent shipping fees, it should be really easy to calculate the shipping rate
  • Be careful to enter the estimated dimensions of the package. Most carriers charge dimensional or volumetric weight, so bulky items (even though they’re lightweight) might be expensive to ship.
  • Watch for prohibited items that can be handled by the Package Forwarder, some are really picky.

It’s really simple to get started… here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Simply visit a site like to sign up and get a free US address that is unique to you.

  • Step 2 – Shop at any online store in the US and use your new address as the checkout delivery address

  • Step 3 – will alert you that your parcels have arrived. You would advise them to forward to your address using an industry leading international carrier.

  • Step 4 – Sit back and relax whilst shipments are being sent to you.


You may consolidate more purchases to your suite to save cost; in fact, the heavier you ship, the faster the rate per pound or kilogram reduces. The Package forwarder takes care of all of these elements.


So, despite leaving my beloved Mistress Mustang behind in South Africa when I arrived in the US in 2012, I realized we had all the assets to help shoppers feel like the cool stuff was only a click away if we did it right; and we do, every day, and we're having a blast doing it…!


Have fun and happy shopping friends!